Artist Trevor Henderson is Creeping Us Out With His “Man With the Upside-Down Face” Photobombs

“He loves perverting our expectations of how a human is put together.”

One of my personal favorite Twitter follows is artist Trevor Henderson (@SlimySwampGhost), whose account is a big time must-follow for monster-lovers in particular. In addition to sharing all kinds of monster artwork from other artists, Henderson is constantly pumping out his own original monsters, including the “found footage” series we’ve profiled before.

Henderson’s latest project introduces “The Man With the Upside-Down Face,” a sinister figure he’s been placing into vintage black & white photography that’s in the public domain. Trevor describes the original character as the “patron saint of small tragedies and bad vibes,” a sort of Mothman-like figure who always seems to be around when shit is going wrong.

He first tweeted about “The Man With the Upside-Down Face” on January 13th, explaining that he’s been “seen in multiple photos throughout the 1910s to the 1960s.”

Henderson continues, “He’s never seen at the scene, only after the fact. His face is on wrong because he loves perverting our expectations of how a human is put together. He loves grief and pain from roadside accidents, but any awful feelings will do. He’s an awful parasite, like a leech or a lamprey. He’s physically there, we can’t see him though.”

As always with Henderson, the photos and bits of narrative come together to create a whole mythology surrounding a creepy mystery figure who could probably be the star of his own horror movie. And if you’re asking me it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood starts scooping up Henderson’s ideas and bringing them to the screen. Here’s hoping!


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