Everything We Know About Japan’s Futuristic Next-Gen Fighter Jet

The Ministry of Defense of Japan plans to involve Italian engineers in the design of the sixth generation fighter. The latest FX device is manufactured by Mitsubishi. According to NHK, it will replace the Mitsubishi F-2 fighters in service with the Japanese army.

The need to involve Italian specialists in the development of the latest aircraft is due to the fact that they have experience in cooperation with British engineers who are already involved in the FX development process.

Mitsubishi F-X R&D started in January of this year. Great Britain is represented in the FX development project by Rolls-Royce, which is responsible for the creation of the engine. Japan participates in it through Ishikawajima Heavy Industries. Interlocutors of NHK claim that the aircraft is being developed on the basis of the production facilities of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Lockheed Martin Corporation acts as the project’s technical partner.

More than 10 billion USD will be invested in the project. It is assumed that the Mitsubishi F-2 fighters will be completely replaced by the FX by 2035.

Mitsubishithe sixth generation FX fighter

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