Police used fake corpses to “tease” netizens and discovered five real corpses


A few days ago, a group of six students at the Medan campus of Pumari University (UNPRI) in Indonesia placed two fake corpses in the school’s water tank, then recorded a clip and posted it on TikTok to attract netizens’ attention irritate.

Unexpectedly, this behavior alerted the local police. An investigation team was immediately dispatched to the crime scene. Originally, this was just a prank by students, so people thought the police just found fake bodies. Unexpectedly, they actually found five unidentified bodies, resulting in a shocking incident. public opinion.

According to Indonesian media, police launched an investigation after seeing the video posted by six university students. However, when the police prepared to search the school, they refused to cooperate with the school.

Police used fake corpses to annoy netizens and discovered five real corpses - Photo 1.

As soon as they saw that the police were involved, a group of six students released an apology video admitting that the story about the body found in the water tank was just a joke: “It was a mannequin, not a human body. We deeply regret that we have caused this trouble and apologize to everyone.” Still, police went to the school to investigate.

When they arrived at the scene to search, police found not only two mannequins thrown into the building’s 9th floor water tank by students, but also five other unidentified bodies in the 15th floor water tank, including four men and 1 woman. They asked the school to explain the identity and origin of the bodies.

The university’s public relations officer continues to refuse to comment on this issue. The school’s lawyer said that when police first asked to cooperate in the investigation, the school refused because it needed to complete some procedures and not to hide anything.

The incident is receiving particular attention and public opinion is “waiting” for further developments in the investigation.

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