Ritual to Help You Achieve Your Wish


What’s your deepest wish?

What would you go through for that wish? Would you say you would go through hell? How badly do you want that wish to come true?

If I told you there was a way for you to make that one desire come true, whether it money… love… or even power… would you jump at the chance? Don’t worry, you won’t have to kill anyone or sacrifice a bunch of crap to summon a demon that might take your soul. This isn’t that type of ritual… although I do know one…

For this ritual, all you will have to do is take… a little… drive…

For this ritual, you will only need one thing: A vehicle.

Do us all a favor and make sure it’s not your precious baby Bugatti, Jaguar, or other luxury cars. It doesn’t matter what kind, you can choose to use a motorcycle or any other kind of motorbike. Heck, you can even use stuff like a regular bike or segway if you’re feeling ballsy, but it’s highly suggested you don’t because of the conditions you will encounter during this ritual. Just get a vehicle with windows that has a full tank of gas, and a fully functional heating and cooling system. Trust me, you’re gonna need them.

Okay, let’s lay down some ground rules, every ritual has them and this one is no different.

So when you start the ritual you must keep your windows up. Do not open them under any circumstances, this will save your life. Next, you must NOT turn on your radio, listen to CD’s, or anything of the sort. Music in your head is fine. For all you tech-savvy people, Instagram models, etc. KEEP YOUR DAMN PHONE AT HOME! The last thing you’re gonna think of too is a live stream, selfie, or call for help. But by all means, if you think you can’t live without it, your welcome to try and bring it.

So for all, you speed demons, traffic violators and causers, and let’s not forget high-speed chasers if you think you can just blow by this ritual while doing 80 mph… hate to break it to you, but no. In this ritual, you will have to drive 30 mph at all times no matter the condition. This is where cruise control comes in handy.

Finally, we are at the last two rules 1. Don’t ever leave your car and 2. to do this ritual you must drive alone.

Keep in mind you don’t have to follow the rules ive just given you, your more than welcome to ignore everything here. Just remember every choice has a consequence and the people who didn’t listen… let’s just say their car was found in terrible condition… without them…

Its time to start the ritual! Make sure when starting you do so at night at a time where the roads are not busy or there are no cars on the road. Anyone who lives in the boonies(country) just use your back dirt roads. The ritual will begin when you find the road you’re looking for. This road will not have any name, and the only way you can reach it is if you know what you looking for. You’ll know it the right road once you start seeing signs of what you desire in the branches of the trees. The road that your taking will lead off into the woods, in these woods you may see signs of what you want such as glimmers that represent diamonds if you want wealth or rose petals if you’re a hopeless romantic. The ritual has officialy started once you see your desired object so if you have second thoughts… you might want to turn back.

Mile 1: Nothing will really change, but it may get a bit chilly, so turn on your heating system. Try to remain at ease as much as possible, being nervous wont help the situation.

Mile 2: It will be colder and will continue to get colder as you drive, at this point if your heater isn’t helping anymore you can speed up, but remember not to go over 30 MPH. The reason why is because your journey will be full of hazards, such as sharp turns, rocks, potholes, no street lights, etc. so please be as careful as you can, because if you have to stop your car… your journey and you… will end there.

Mile 3: Okay now the fun is starting. Your surroundings will change slightly, mainly the road. The road you are on will change to dirt if it hasn’t already. Try to stay in the middle of the road, even if it suddenly changes.you may begin to see the shadows of other humans within the trees. No this isnt your mind playing tricks on you, but do not look at them despite the temptation to do so.

Mile 4: I can only assume that you haven’t lost it yet because now the shadows will be getting closer and you may begin to hear them whispering in the back of your mind. Tune them out as best as you can, and try not to figure out what the hellish voices are saying. Listening will draw the voices closer.

Mile 5: the forest will disappear, revealing a clearing with a reflective lake of which the moon will shine brightly on it. Do not look at it for if you do even for a few seconds, you will end up in the lake sinking into its icy depths…

Mile 6: Alright! Your halfway there, the woods are back and the moon is gone. You are back in the darkness with only your headlights but even so, they will start flickering at random intervals.

Your radio will then turn on, and a soothing voice will talk about your greatest fears in your life. Do not listen to it, as it will throw you off your path. Speed up if you wish, and at the end of the mile, the voice will cease.

Mile 7: This is where shit explodes in the fan. the shadows will return with vengeance, as well as their voices. But instead of whispers, it will seem as they are screaming, and getting closer and closer. That’s because one of them have made their way into your car. Don’t ask me how I don’t know and now their along for the ride. It will sit right behind you talking into your ear but, don’t turn around to look at them you don’t want to know what they look like.

I bet you wondering who they are, well these people that have attempted the ritual but failed. And now they want to take you with them but don’t worry they can’t physically harm you so just try to ignore them like an annoying sibling.

Mile 8: with everything else going on don’t forget to mind your speed you will need to slow down, as you will need to take sharp turns. At this point in the mile, it will feel as if it’s below freezing and your heater is useless to help along with your headlights that have either turned into strove lights tor has shut off. Don’t stop driving if you need to break for a second do so, but don’t wait too long the shadows are following now, and if you stop for too long, they will surround you and try to reach you.

Mile 9: Get ready to have your soul leave your body out of fear because your vehicle has now stopped working, as well as every system inside! The shadows will be all around your car, and the windows may crack from their attempts. Try to start the car with your eyes closed, don’t worry it will start and it’s to only way to get away from the shadows. they will stop and back off once the car starts again. once the vehicle starts again, floor it. The shadows will stop once the mile is over.

Mile 10: Take a breath and savor the moment, things have calmed down for the moment. The voices have stopped, and the shadows have stopped chasing you, but will still be following. In reality, they are happy, or even overjoyed… knowing that your death is likely on the next and final mile…

Mile 11: Alright! You’re now on the last mile, its the home stretch guys, congratulations… now just don’t die. Once you reach the 11th mile your car will lose power once again but don’t worry it will still be moving forward and you will see a glowing red light up ahead growing larger and larger. Before the light consumes you, close your eyes, cover them with your hands if you need to. It will also help if you cover your ears as well, but your eyes are more important you must whatever you can to keep your eyes shut. The next 31 seconds, or hours depending on how you feel, will be the most terrifying, painful, and most unbelievable time in your life. If you ever been to burning man… it’s kind of close. You will endure blood-curdling screaming, and the most horrendous of voices and noises from hell itself will surround you you must hold on to your sanity for there is no way to block it out. The once cold surroundings will turn into a burning inferno feeling as if your skin is melting off of your bones. Do not worry and keep your eyes shut you will survive this ordeal, just simply keep your eyes shut.

Once you’ve made it through the mile then you will be finished and your car will start again… even though it will look like it shouldn’t. You can stop your car now, take a breath and calm yourself for you have made it through.

Once you feel more at ease drive your car until you reach a dead-end, stop and close your eyes and think about what you wanted. Once you have really visualized what you truly wanted and what you went through to get here, open your eyes and you will be where you first began the journey, at the beginning of the road.

If you wanted a materialistic item such as money, clothes, etc. go check the trunk or backseat of your car. If it wasn’t materialistic, don’t worry it will come to you very soon, and if what you wanted isn’t there immediately just drive back home, and you will find what you desired, is there.

You might think, “What happens now?” like what’s the catch? That’s the thing about this ritual, other than nightmares of the sounds and screaming you went through, nothing unusual will happen. Your life will go on as normal, that is… unless you want something else? If so… then let’s take… a drive…

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