The Candy Lady – Urban Legends

Window Sill with HandsAround the turn of the 20th century, children started going missing in a small rural county in Texas. People blamed it on The Candy Lady, a woman who supposedly lured children to her home with candy, then they were never heard from again.

Children in the area told stories of how they would wake in the morning to find candy sitting on their window sills. Fearing that their parents might try to stop the person, or thing, leaving the candy, they didn’t tell any adults.

After a child had received the candy for a while they would start to find notes on the wrappers, many times asking the children to come and play. The notes were signed “The Candy Lady.”

Over the span of about a decade, a handful of kids went missing. As some children got a little older they started to confess that they had eaten candy left on their window sills from a “Candy Lady.”

According to the story, other strange things happened around this area that spooked the residents. A farmer found the rotten teeth of a child in a candy wrapper at the edge of one of his fields. A police deputy started investigating the disappearance of the children and a few weeks later they found his dead body in a ditch. His eyes were stabbed with a fork and his pockets were filled with candy.

To this day, any time a kid goes missing, all the locals say The Candy Lady got them. Children believe that she takes them somewhere and pulls out their teeth or stabs them with a fork.

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