The Case Profile of Bonnie and Clyde

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Who were Bonnie and Clyde?

Bonnie and Clyde – commonly known by the moniker given to Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow – were a romantically-involved couple who undertook a crime spree lasting upwards of 2 years. Bonnie and Clyde began their criminal activity shortly after their first meeting in 1930; shortly after this meeting, Clyde was imprisoned and released in 1932 – after his release, Bonnie and Clyde embarked on a crime spree taking place between 1932 and 1934. On May 23rd, 1934 – in the State of Louisiana – Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed and killed by law enforcement agents:

Within their 2-year string of criminal activities, Bonnie and Clyde were considered to be responsible for a wide range of criminal activity; furthermore, the couple managed to evade police capture several times – however, this oftentimes resulted in the murder of both law enforcement agents and civilians

Subsequent to their criminal activity began in 1932, Bonnie and Clyde were never arrested

The Case Profile of Bonnie and Clyde

The following is a case profile of both the crimes of Bonnie and Clyde, as well as a legal classification of statutory legislation associated with their respective case:

Date of Birth: Bonnie Parker was born on October 1st, 1910; Clyde Barrow was born on March 24th, 1909 – both Bonnie and Clyde died at the ages of 25 on May 23rd, 1934

Residence: Bonnie and Clyde undertook residencies across the span of the United States in order to avoid capture

Date of the Crimes: 1932 to May 23rd, 1934

Criminal Charges: Bonnie and Clyde were accused of the following crimes:

1st Degree Murder; murder committed in an unlawful, illegal, premature, and purposeful fashion

Kidnapping and Abduction; the illegal act of the abduction of an unwilling or unknowing individual at the hands of another individual or entity

Armed Robbery; the use of a deadly firearm in order to forcibly steal possessions and belongings belonging to another individual or entity

Resisting Arrest; the fleeing or stifling of the arrest process enacted by a criminal with regard to a resisting officer or law enforcement agent

Assault; the harming or injuring of one individual by the hands of another

Attempted Murder; fatally-harmful action undertaken in order to cause the purposeful death of another individual

Notable Details and Personal Information: The following persons were associated with the criminal activity undertaken by Bonnie and Clyde:

Raymond Hamilton; a friend of Bonnie and Clyde who accompanied the couple until his arrest

Ira Barrow; the brother of Clyde Barrow who accompanied the couple until he was killed by police

William Daniel Jones; a friend of Bonnie and Clyde replacing Raymond Hamilton subsequent to his capture

Blanche Barrow; the wife of Ira Barrow accompanied the couple until her capture

Victims:  Bonnie and Clyde was charged for the murder of upwards of 10 individuals; 9 of which were law enforcement agents – Bonnie and Clyde were also accused of the kidnapping and robbery of a multitude of individuals

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