Top 5 fastest active fighter jets in the world

There are the top 5 fastest active fighter jets in the world. It’s no secret that airplanes are the quickest mode of transport. In this case, speed is a decisive factor in the military industry. We are talking about unique developments, namely fighters, characterized by instant reaction and outstanding maneuvering, for which the line of 2000 kilometers per hour is far from the limit. And today, we take a look at the five fastest fighters of the 4th and 5th generations!

#5 – Grumman F-14 Tomcat (2,485 km / h), US

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The F-14 should be attributed to the fastest fighters on the planet. Specialists developed unique aircraft from the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. The first analog appeared in 2006.

Currently, the aircraft is being actively delivered to Iran, where the fighter is in service. We are talking about a reliable interceptor that can accompany four targets at once while simultaneously capturing up to 6 targets. Seven hundred twelve of these fighters are known to exist.

#4 – Eurofighter Typhoon (2,495 km / h), Germany

Bulgaria to Seek Proposals on New F-16s, Eurofighter Typhoons
Photo Credit: BAE System

Germany put the representative of its Armed Forces “Typhoon” into production in 2003. We should note that this is not an invisible plane or stealth. Most of the hull is made of a special coating that blocks electromagnetic waves, while the fighter’s combat radius is 1,390 km. Amazing results.

The UK and Italy also use multipurpose aircraft. There are about 500 such fighters in the world.

#3 – Su-35 fighter jet (2,500 km / h), Russia

Russian F-35 fighter jet
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This plane is the most formidable fighter of the Russian Air Force, which is currently in service. This powerful fighter with two modern engines is a thoroughly modernized Su-27 fighter produced in Soviet times.

The Su-35 can climb to a massive height of up to 20,000 meters, perform aerobatics, and carry a considerable payload. All tactical and technical characteristics, coupled with advanced electronic equipment and weapons, turns the Su-35 fighter into a dangerous enemy for any foreign fighter.

#2 – Su-57 fighter jet(2 600 km / h), Russia

Truth or rumors - Algeria 'buys' 14 Su-57 fighter jets, Russia media claimed
Photo credit: Wikipedia

This plane is a Russian 4++ generation fighter. State tests of the aircraft are coming to an end. The fighter is characterized by extensive use of stealth technology and artificial intelligence.

Electronics will take over the bulk of the piloting work, freeing the pilot to carry out a combat mission. The maximum speed of the Su-57 is almost 200 km / h more than that of the American F-22 Raptor.

#1 – McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (2 650 km / h), US

Boeing Received a $91.3M Contract from the US Air Force to Manufacture High-Speed Computing Systems for F-15
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Specialists from the USA presented the development. The plane is an impeccable leader in its class and distinguishes by excellent speed and maneuverability. The tactical all-weather fighter appeared in 1976, with production scheduled for 2025 to arm America.

Every year, employees of leading companies add innovations to improve the aircraft’s response and maneuvers. A total of 1,500 such items are known to exist. All fighters are in the United States.

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