Who is the ‘Devil’s Disciple’; UK’s famous serial killer?

All you need to know about Patrick Mackay aka "Devil's Disciple," UK serial Killer who may get released soon

Patrick Mackay a serial killer from the UK also known as the “Devil’s Disciple” may soon be released from prison. Patrick Mackay, who is frequently referred to as Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer, has served 48 years in prison since 1975. Mackay was sentenced to prison after killing a priest and two elderly women. He briefly confessed to eight other murders before withdrawing the statement. The 70-year-old, who is thought to be the UK’s longest-serving murderer, will have a parole hearing the following month. Families of his victims and former police commander Retired Detective Inspector Ken Tappenden, who was a member of the team that is credited with apprehending Mackay, caution that the serial killer is still a threat to society even after nearly 50 years.

According to the Daily Mail, Tappenden, a member of the Kent Police team who caught the serial killer, has cautioned that “Mackay should never be freed. He could turn and become extremely dangerous.”

Given that the murderer isn’t as well-known as some other killers, Gareth Johnson, an MP for Dartford in Kent, where Mackay was raised, has expressed concern that the killer’s freedom bid may succeed. He said, “If he’s free, I don’t think the country will be safe,” and added that Mackay’s crimes ought to be made known to the public. “The nature of his crimes is so severe he should die in prison,” says Johnson.

According to reports, during his time in prison, MacKay changed his name to David Groves. He is currently housed in an open facility close to Bristol and is even permitted day trips.

Confessions Of A Crazy Killer, a recent Amazon Prime documentary, also discusses Mackay’s atrocities.

At just 15 years old, Mackay was diagnosed as a psychopath. His victims included Kensington resident Adele Price, 89, and widowed Chelsea residents Isabella Griffiths, 87, both of whom perished by strangulation. He used an axe to break the 62-year-old Catholic priest Anthony Crean’s skull open as his third victim.

The Parole Board will now determine whether Mackay can be released, according to the Mirror. He will be questioned by the Board over the eight killings he initially confessed to and later recanted.

The serial killer “will have to convince the panel his ‘confession’ to other murders was the ramblings of a man who was mentally ill at the time,” according to the magazine citing an unidentified source.

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